JD Auto Parts - Received my money but never delivered the parts to me

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On July 20,2011 J&D Auto Parts, 7865 W Highway 40 Lot 164, Ocala, Florida 34482-4243 received a bankerscheque for the amount of $4,450 for the parts I ordered.J&D Auto Parts is operated by Mr James (Jim) Manforte 352-895-7325.

up till now my parts were never delivered to me and every method of getting in contact with Mr Jim Manforte is effortless. Mr Jim Manforte does not response to the messages left on his answering machine nor the e-mails sent. This company is clearly a big fraud.

I will press charges against Mr Jim Manforte.So be advised to not buy auto parts from this fraudulent company!

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I've called countless times - only to have to leave a voicemail.Don't know why - but Jim actually answered the phone yesterday, which was a "break from the norm".

The phone number I have for him is 352-895-7325.His email address is jdautoparts2@aol.com.

Looks like I'm bound for court.........


how did you reached him?by phone?

on what number?My phonecalls and voice messages are still unanswered.don't have any idea if he is incorporated


I talked with Mr Manforte this afternoon, asking if he would swap out the defective product that he "warrantied".The answer was "No".

Guess I have to pursue legally.Does anyone know if this guy is incorporated?


Same here!All my e-mails before payment were answered promptly but now after payment none of them are answered.

I even let somebody else send a mail to Jim to see if he received that mail and remarkably he did because that mail was answered.

In the mean time I filed for a complaint at the Florida Department of Agriculture and consumer services.Hope this will shake him up!


I am also in the midst of trying to get Mr Manforte to get me taken care of.I ordered a part from him - (paid in advance).

They did ship, but the part was defective. I was offered a 6-month warranty, which I have in writing from them. Mr Manforte continues to say that they NEVER offered a warranty. I would echo the above comment -- you can never reach him via phone (only can leave VM's) - and he says that emails that I forward to him are unreadable.

It's funny that all of my email messages came to him just fine BEFORE I bought the product from him - but now that the emails I'm forwarding that mention the warranty that they offered are now unreadable.

Hmmmmmmmmmm.I would use caution.

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